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Wave of foreign lawsuits against local miners hits Canadian courts

...ty long report on the national service program a few years ago, and there’s really no way to look at it other than an immense program of forced labour,” Chris Albin-Lackey, a senior legal adviser for Human Rights Watch, told Business in Vancouver. “The service is indefinite. The conditions people endure are horrific.” According to the UN, Eritrea lacks the basics of a functioning civil society. It has no constitution or legislative assembly,... Read more

Former ICC President to Lend His Name to Novel Canadian Training Institute

...ll, serving some of the hundreds of thousands of survivors of atrocities currently in Canada, while contributing to the global effort to send a message to would-be torturers and war criminals that they will face justice. The business plan for the training institute has been very carefully prepared, and it is my strong expectation that the training will be highly sought after. This will provide a great service to the legal community in Canada, at... Read more

Board of Directors

...n, SR Telecom Inc., Quebecor Inc./ Quebecor Media Inc. and BCE Inc./Bell Canada Inc. Throughout, he has brought a “big picture” view with a strong track record in working with executive teams on crafting strategy, developing business plans and delivering results. David Lee David Lee has led and facilitated local economic development, business planning and organizational change initiatives across the corporate, government and non-profit sectors... Read more

Ex-official says forced labour built Canada mine in Eritrea test case rights legal specialist, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “So far very few of these types of cases have proceeded to trial … Where a government systematically uses forced labour and a corporation goes into business with that government, there is a significant risk the corporation will become complicit.” Nevsun has repeatedly stated that none of the workers at Bisha, which started operations in 2011, were army conscripts... Read more

Cases & Stories

...ptions for pursuing justice. We also seek to hold perpetrators of abuses accountable for their crimes. When CCIJ receives information that a human rights abuser is living in or visiting Canada (or is a company or group doing business here), we can initiate an investigation or call for the proper authorities to investigate. After CCIJ has conducted an initial investigation, we may, after consultation with our clients and experts, refer the case... Read more
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Adèle Mwayuma

On 15 October 2004, on hearing of Colonel Ademar’s approach, Adèle Faray-Mwayuma – who with her husband, Paulin Ulimwengu, ran a small, salted fish business in Kilwa – fled to the bush with her youngest children. Two of her sons, 21-year old Yuma Lukumani Ulimwengu and 19-year old Willy Nombele Ulimwengu, insisted on staying behind to protect the family’s home and property. On her return four days later, Adèle discovered the door... Read more

Eritreans file lawsuit against Canadian mining company for slave labour and crimes against humanity

...civil lawsuits as the only means for accountability and compensation.” Dimitri Lascaris, a partner with Siskinds, said, “There is, regrettably, a long and ignominious record in the Canadian resource sector of companies doing business with repressive regimes.” He added, “We intend to shine a bright light on these relationships, and we hope to raise the ethical bar for Canadian resources companies that are profiting from their interactions with... Read more
A general view of participants at the 16th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

UN Report Alleges Forced Labor at Canadian-Owned Mine in Eritrea

...much to cope and I decided to leave,” he said. In December 2013 he fled on foot across the border to Sudan. “If you read the [UN] report it really makes you wonder how a Canadian company can be allowed to even do business with such a repressive regime and prop it up, let alone actually benefit from the use of forced labor,” Yap told VICE News over the phone Thursday. Since February 22, 2011, the Bisha facility, which mines... Read more

No ‘real connection’ required to pursue foreign awards in Canada: SCC

...ubsidiaries, which are ultimately controlled by the parent company but in law exist as separate persons. That principle — that there’s limited liability between the various subsidiaries — I don’t think it accords with modern business realities, and I think is in urgent need of updating.” “This was not the right case for that in the Supreme Court’s view, yet — but it very well may be. This is not the last we’ve seen of this case, and given the... Read more

The Case Against Tahoe Resources

...working in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan – “to assess its security needs and requirements during the construction phase of the Escobal project.” His findings were presented recently to the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva. Toronto Liberal MP John McKay appeared on BNN recently to speak on the regulation of Canadian mining companies abroad. McKay authored Bill C-300, the Corporate Accountability Of Mining,... Read more
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