Public Cases & Interventions

  • Latin America & Caribbean,
  • North America

Tahoe Resources (Canada/Guatemala)

On June 18, 2014, several Guatemalan men filed a civil lawsuit in a Vancouver court against Canadian mining company Tahoe Resources Inc. for injuries they suffered… Read more
  • Asia

Roy Samathanam (Sri Lanka)

CCIJ is helping Roy Samathanam seek justice for the torture and imprisonment he suffered in Sri Lanka. We worked with him to file a complaint… Read more
  • Africa,
  • North America

Nevsun Resources (Canada/Eritrea)

In 2014, three Eritrean men filed a civil lawsuit before the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver against Nevsun Resources Limited over… Read more
Members of the Cofán Dureno community in northern Ecuador have suffered numerous problems from oil production on their lands. Laura Mendo, 59, recalls a time when the Cofán wandered freely and lived off the land. Now the rivers are contaminated, crops don't grow, and new illnesses and cancer have been introduced.
  • Latin America & Caribbean,
  • North America

Chevron (Ecuador)

Latest:  Read detailed summaries of the hearing in September 2016. The Chevron case involves a decades-long dispute between members of Ecuadorian communities and the Chevron… Read more
  • Africa

Mamadou Seye (Mauritania)

CCIJ is helping Mamadou Seye seek justice for the enforced disappearance of his father, Papa Seye, in Mauritania in 1990. We worked with… Read more
  • Middle East

Zahra Kazemi (Iran)

In 2003, photojournalist Zahra (Ziba) Kazemi, an Iranian by birth but a naturalized Canadian citizen, was tortured to death in Iran. She had obtained… Read more
The CCIJ is also pleased to have Maher as a member of our Honorary Council.
  • Middle East,
  • North America

Maher Arar (U.S./Canada/Syria)

Maher Arar is a Canadian citizen who was forcibly sent to Syria in 2002 as part of the United States’ “extraordinary rendition” program. He was… Read more
  • Africa

Léon Mugesera (Rwanda)

In 2005, CCIJ intervened in a case before the Supreme Court of Canada involving a deportation order against Leon Mugesera, a former Rwandan government official… Read more
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