Survivor Stories

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Déborah Kitumaini Kasiba

Déborah Kitumaini Kasiba is the widow of eminent human rights defender, Pascal Kabungulu, who was assassinated in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)… Read more
  • Latin America & Caribbean

Ramiro Osorio Cristales

Ramiro Osorio Cristales was born in La Libertad, Guatemala, in 1977. He later lived in Dos Erres, including in December 1982, when he was 5… Read more
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  • Asia

Roy Samathanam

“While I was in prison I learned what inhumanity looks like. I was tortured, both mentally and physically.” September 14, 2007 was the… Read more
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  • Africa,
  • North America

Pierre Kunda Musopelo

“It was hot and we were unable to breathe – four people died.” In an interview with RAID, former police chief, Pierre Kunda, described his arrest,… Read more
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  • Africa,
  • North America

Adèle Mwayuma

On 15 October 2004, on hearing of Colonel Ademar’s approach, Adèle Faray-Mwayuma – who with her husband, Paulin Ulimwengu, ran a small, salted fish business in Kilwa –… Read more
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  • Africa

Christophe Musingue Samba

Christophe Musingue Samba, a subsistence farmer, was arrested by Colonel Ademar on 15 October whilst trying to flee Kilwa. He was later transported with about 15 other… Read more
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