Adèle Mwayuma

On 15 October 2004, on hearing of Colonel Ademar’s approach, Adèle Faray-Mwayuma – who with her husband, Paulin Ulimwengu, ran a small, salted fish business in Kilwa – fled to the bush with  her youngest children. Two of her sons, 21-year old Yuma Lukumani Ulimwengu and 19-year old Willy Nombele Ulimwengu, insisted on staying behind to protect the family’s home and property. On her return four days later, Adèle discovered the door had been forced open, there were bloodstains on the floor and the contents of her home had been looted.

She began a desperate search for her sons but local Red Cross workers told her that they had been killed by soldiers and their bodies buried in the mass grave at Nsensele.*

* From RAID, Global Witness, ASADHO and ACIDH, Kilwa Trial: a Denial of Justice: A Chronology

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