Christophe Musingue Samba

Christophe Musingue Samba, a subsistence farmer, was arrested by Colonel Ademar on 15 October whilst trying to flee Kilwa. He was later transported with about 15 other prisoners to Nsensele in a vehicle that he identified as belonging to Anvil Mining.* Among the group, he recognized his neighbour’s son, Charles Mitongo, a schoolboy, who was sobbing. The detainees had their hands tied behind their backs and were taken out of the vehicle one by one and made to kneel by the side of the ditch. The soldiers fired but the bullets missed Musingue who lost consciousness and fell into the ditch. The other bodies piled up on top of him. In the early morning, after the soldiers had left, he made his escape into the bush.**

* MONUC (United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo) Special Investigations Report, dated 10 November 2004 (translated into English by RAID/Global Witness) .

** Statement to the court 24 May 2007

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