CCIJ’s team puts heart and soul into international justice work every day. Our supporters – including you — are essential to our ambitious agenda of using law to change lives.

As someone already supportive of CCIJ, we now invite you to become a CCIJ Network Member. Members are kept up to date on important legal and policy developments, have access to materials on international justice issues, and receive discounts on professional development and continuing legal education events offered by our social enterprise, The Philippe Kirsch Institute.

CCIJ Network Members become monthly donors – contributing any amount you can afford to support CCIJ’s casework.

You can also choose one of the following ways to support and publicize the work of CCIJ.

Be a Promoter: Share information about our work through social media channels and forward our newsletter to your networks by email.

Be an Event Booster: Take part in any CCIJ-sponsored event in your area, such as lectures, panels, or film screenings. We rely on the CCIJ Network to take initiative to develop and host events that promote our shared values and work, and will provide materials and input to support you.

Be an Advocate: Take action and support our public campaigns and activities. In the past we have informed Members of Parliament about important matters of international justice through letters and phone calls. We have collaborated with partner organizations on projects to promote strong Canadian action on matters of international justice law and policy.

Be our Fundraising Catalyst: Engage others in your circles to become monthly or one time donors, and use CCIJ events you help organize to raise funds as well as public awareness. We also support Network Members in organizing informal events such as a dinner at their home to showcase CCIJ’s work and invite contributions.

Be a Volunteer: Help broaden the impact of our work even further by offering translation, graphic design, and other skills. If you are at an early stage of your career, we will provide mentoring, contacts and letters of recommendation after 50 hours of volunteer service.

All members of our Network receive regular e-newsletter updates about CCIJ’s work, including developments on our ongoing cases.

Interested in becoming a CCIJ Network Member? Visit the CCIJ homepage to get signed up for our social media and e-newsletter, and make your monthly donation.

We have a goal of $5,000/month from our Network to ensure the sustainability of CCIJ’s casework. Donations from $20/month are particularly helpful, but any amount is welcome. Members of the Board of Directors, staff, consultants and advisors are already contributing, some up to $100/month.

We will put your contact details in our database and will update you regularly about CCIJ and Kirsch Institute opportunities! We look forward to your involvement in the international justice movement.

Due to confidentiality, the Network Members cannot normally work directly on cases. This can be considered on an ad hoc basis by the Legal Director, and at times Network Members can be included where they have specialized expertise or contacts relevant to a case and are willing to abide by CCIJ’s Confidentiality agreement and other organizational policies.