Dear Friends,

Canada is a refuge for those who flee injustice. But in Canada, the opportunities for justice are limited. People who have been detained, tortured, or enslaved in other countries have limited recourses against their tormentors and perpetrators even if they manage to reach Canadian shores. The same is true for those whose loved ones have been killed or disappeared.

The Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ) wants to change that. With its unique mandate, CCIJ wants human rights violators to be held accountable and survivors of atrocities to find healing through justice.

We, Alex Neve and Homa Hoodfar, believe the upcoming holiday season is a wonderful chance to give the gift of justice. Please join us in supporting this remarkable organization.

CCIJ’s work

The CCIJ team is small but mighty. They offer legal information and referrals, and provide unique opportunities for victims and their families to publicize their stories in Canadian communities where the victims have decided to make their stories public.

Your donation will be used to fight impunity for the injustices suffered by clients such as Déborah Kitumaini, whose husband was assassinated in the Democratic Republic of Congo for his human rights work; Roy Samathanam, who was tortured in Sri Lanka; and Mamadou Seye, whose father was forcibly disappeared in Mauritania.

You will also be supporting CCIJ’s important efforts to hold Canadian companies accountable in Canadian courts. CCIJ has been part of the legal teams in cases like Tahoe Resources, where the B.C. Supreme Court granted Guatemalan plaintiffs the rights to sue in Canada.

Homa Hoodfar’s case

I am honoured to join Alex Neve in co-signing this important appeal, because I can attest first hand to the important work that CCIJ carries out on a daily basis. I was arrested and detained in Iran’s Evin prison in June 2016 where I was held for 112 days. My case was catapulted to international attention thanks to the tireless work of human rights defenders like Amanda Ghahremani, CCIJ’s Legal Director, who successfully spearheaded the campaign for my release.

I feel such gratitude to CCIJ for their support, but since my ordeal, I also feel an even deeper sense of appreciation for their work with survivors. CCIJ helps individuals like me in the aftermath of extreme trauma. I now understand the importance of having lawyers dedicated to supporting survivors seek justice and redress, as this is an important part of our healing journey that is often overlooked or dismissed.

I know we all share in a commitment to strengthen human rights and international justice, and while there are many organisations that carry out important work, I believe CCIJ is a fantastic place to channel our collective energy this year.

Become part of CCIJ’s family

As we approach the holiday season, we would like you to consider making a donation to CCIJ’s incomparable work to help this wonderful organisation reach their fundraising target of $30,000 before year end (they have already raised $13,000). Your gift will help CCIJ continue its valuable work and you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of your donation.

Beyond making a one-time gift, we also encourage you to join the CCIJ family by becoming a monthly donor where a contribution as low as $20 per month will go a long way towards enabling CCIJ to continue working on its important mandate. You can also make a family donation in lieu of a gift exchange this year, or host a holiday gathering that includes a CCIJ donation. As a monthly donor, you will receive regular updates on our work and receive discounts on our public education and legal training sessions.

Please consider sharing our message more widely with your friends, neighbours, family. and co-workers urging them to join you in supporting CCIJ.

We know you are asked for a lot at this time of year.  We assure you that the CCIJ Board and staff appreciate your contributions even more as a result.

On behalf of CCIJ, we thank you for your support and wish you a happy holiday season!

Alex Neve
Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada (English)
Founding Chair, Board of Directors of CCIJ

Homa Hoodfar
Professor Emerita of Anthropology

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