The Board of Directors of the Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ) announces the following developments:

Effective June 1, 2017, Matt Eisenbrandt will step down as CCIJ’s Legal Director and will transition to a new role as a Special Advisor to CCIJ. Amanda Ghahremani will become CCIJ’s new Legal Director.

For more than nine years, Matt has masterfully overseen CCIJ’s casework and client relationships while becoming one of Canada’s leading experts on universal jurisdiction prosecutions and corporate accountability for human rights violations. In addition to his Special Advisor role with CCIJ, Matt will now begin work as a special consultant to Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman on the law firm’s business and human rights cases, while also pursuing some exciting endeavours as a result of the publication of his acclaimed book, Assassination of a Saint.

Amanda has been serving as CCIJ’s interim Managing Director and the Director of the Philippe Kirsch Institute, CCIJ’s educational division. During that time, Amanda has skillfully overseen the expansion of the Kirsch Institute’s International Criminal Law Certificate Program and has guided CCIJ’s management, fundraising, and communications. As Legal Director, Amanda will focus on CCIJ’s casework while continuing to oversee the Kirsch Institute’s programming.

CCIJ is proud to continue serving our clients, including being an integral member of the plaintiffs’ legal teams in the civil lawsuits in British Columbia against Tahoe Resources and Nevsun Resources for their alleged liability for human rights abuses in their overseas operations.

Sharry Aiken & Pearl Eliadis
Co-Chairs, CCIJ Board of Directors