The Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ) and its educational division, the Philippe Kirsch Institute (PKI), are proud to announce the launch of the PKI Global Justice Journal today, available exclusively online.

The Journal will serve as a forum for the exchange and dissemination of new ideas, commentaries, and analyses in international and transnational law, as well as matters of transitional justice. Through the contributions of practitioners and academics, including its Faculty, the PKI Global Justice Journal will aim to keep readers apprised of developments relevant to the Institute’s work and will provide a space for on-going and diverse debate on these issues.

“We are very proud to offer our current and future readers with a new medium to engage with interested community on international legal developments,” said James Hendry, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal. “Our hope is that readers will join us in these discussions by sharing their own contributions to the Journal.”

“The first articles published in the Journal exemplify the diversity of contributions we wish to incorporate in the Journal: a mix of short comments and longer analyses that offer critical insights into current events relevant to the Institute’s collective legal expertise,” said Pearl Eliadis, member of the Journal’s Editorial Board and co-Chair of CCIJ’s Board of Directors.

The articles will be released on a rolling basis on the Journal’s web platform and each new publication will be announced on the Institute’s Twitter account and Facebook page. The Journal will feature both English and French pieces selected by a distinguished Editorial Board composed of renowned scholars and practitioners from across Canada.

We encourage you to join these discussions and look forward to your engaged readership.

The Philippe Kirsch Institute is Canada’s leading social enterprise offering Continuing Professional Development for lawyers. The Institute offers lectures and seminars – prepared by its Faculty of experts in international law and related fields – to Canadian legal professionals, students, and the general public. 100% of the Institute’s proceeds go to the Canadian Centre for International Justice, a not-for-profit organization which supports survivors of torture and other grave human rights violations in their quest for justice in Canada. 

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