Toronto, February 5, 2017: Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ) co-Chair and Queen’s University law professor, Sharry Aiken, will address a press conference in Toronto Tuesday 6 February 2018 on the plight of the Rohingya who have been subjected to a campaign of arson, sexual violence and murder that forced them from their homes in Myanmar (Burma).

Representing the work and mandate of CCIJ, Sharry Aiken will be supporting calls for a systematic investigation into the gross human rights violations that have unfolded in Myanmar over the past several years as well as accountability for the perpetrators. The mandate of CCIJ is to assist and support survivors of torture, war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, and other atrocities as they seek redress for the human rights abuses they have suffered. CCIJ stands in solidarity with the call to action expressed in this statement concerning the ongoing human rights abuses being committed against the Rohingya in Myanmar.

Prof. Aiken will join speakers from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Doctors for Humanity, the Union of Medical Relief Organizations (UOSSM-Canada), Canadians in Support of Refugees in Dire Need (CSRDN) and the Burma Task Force. The groups will all provide updates on the dire humanitarian risks faced by nearly one million Rohingya refugees who now live in dangerously overcrowded and underserviced camps in Bangladesh.

Two Canadian doctors, Dr. Farhan Siddiqui and Dr. Fariha Khan, who are currently in Bangladesh assisting refugees in Cox’s Bazar, will also provide updates via Skype.

While Burma and Bangladesh ponder the possible forced repatriation of thousands of traumatized victims of crimes against humanity, other nations, including Canada, debate what steps they should take to address the crisis. At the same time, Canadian humanitarian and human rights groups are seeking to raise public awareness of the plight of the Rohingya. Everything, from basic humanitarian and health needs to the environmental threat of the coming monsoons and the pressing need for international protection and justice, needs to be addressed in what is one of the world’s most complicated and vicious crises.

Media Update on the Plight of the Rohingya
February 6, 10 a.m.
The Workhaus, Fifth Floor, Commerce Court, 30 Wellington Street West, Toronto


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