CCIJ community engagement activities cover four key areas:

  1. Connecting with communities in Canada that have been affected by atrocities;

  2. Supporting professionals who work with members of affected communities;

  3. Providing training and educational resources for legal professionals, academics, researchers, students, and other audiences;

  4. Raising awareness among students and the general public on issues related to CCIJ’s mandate.

If you are interested in collaborating, partnering or engaging with CCIJ, or in having CCIJ deliver training to an organization or class or event in your community, please contact us using this form.

An example of CCIJ’s effort to engagement community was our involvement in Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche. Our Toronto working group designed the ‘Sightings & Fragments’ installations to raise public support for efforts by survivors of torture and war trauma to seek justice. To symbolize the potential (and real) encounters between survivors and perpetrators, ‘Sightings’ featured photographic images of survivors’ eyes on subway cars and platforms throughout Toronto. For ‘Fragments’, more than 500 survivors’ artifacts were placed on powerful display at Lamport Stadium, including clothing, photographs, identity cards, and prison/medical reports documenting alleged violations; looped audio played spoken names of known murdered or disappeared persons along with testimonies of violations by a handful of survivors.