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The Internet has become an increasingly important resource for all Canadians. It is essential that our right to free expression and privacy online be respected and protected. That is why our government passed the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) to help eliminate unsolicited electronic messages that harm consumers and businesses alike.

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Why do we do this

Our Prime Minister appointed a special adviser on cyberbullying after he heard from thousands of Canadians who were affected by this growing problem both inside and outside of their homes. Our government alone cannot solve this problem on its own, however, so we are encouraging all levels of government.

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In 1985, the federal government decided that it would no longer be in the business of regulating gambling. As a result, it gave authority for the regulation of gambling to individual provinces. However, the Criminal Code didn’t actually change in terms. Therefore, offences on the part of owners of online gambling sites abound.

CCIJ is a non-profit organization that monitors the legal status of online gambling and other digital businesses in Canada. Our team protects players, operators, and taxpayers alike by coordinating with government regulators, law enforcement officials and industry groups to counteract cybercrime.

CCIJ monitors the legality of online gambling and digital content. We check every casino out to make sure it is safe, fair to players. Everyone can find such Canadian platforms in this list of safe online casinos. Our commitment is to promote safe online gaming for both players and businesses that desire to innovate digital products.

In addition, we provide advice to all users of online gaming and the Internet in general on how they can protect their money and personal information from fraudsters and identity thieves. We also prevent various types of online fraud, including suspect or fake companies, rigged games, phishing attacks, spam emails, social engineering, and hardware/software piracy.

Our community works across all of Canada. The organization consists of legal, cybersecurity, online gambling and finance experts, as well as volunteers.

“We believe that it is time for Canadians to have some Internet justice.”


Hayden Oz

Founder, CEO of CCIJ

Reducing fraud in online business

Our Mission

Our organization is committed to reducing fraud in online business, including online gambling. Our first step is to involve the legal community and all Canadians in general actively.

Within this initiative we also try to support gambling experts that engage themselves in checking, studying and reviewing various casino sites to create such online casino Canada listings where they enumerate only safe and reliable brands. This work is done for the bettors to be sure that their rights are not going to be violated when they visit the reviewed platforms.

We are working with: AGCO, Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Protect the internet

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Protect the internet

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Protect the internet

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Protect the internet

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