Player protection based on their behaviour

Player protection based on their behaviour

The specialized company Crucial Compilance (Gibraltar) launches a player protection system based on the management of the player’s online gaming behaviour.

Crucial Compilance is a company located in Gibraltar, specializes in implementing responsible gaming and developing strategies to prevent money laundering. The new player protection system it has started to market uses markers from its own Responsible Gambling (RG) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) behaviour models.

How the Player Protection System (CPP) works

The objective of the CCP system is to enable operators to create a safe gaming environment through a single package, apart from compliance with the regulations that exist in this regard in each jurisdiction. To achieve this, it monitors the behaviour of each player from the outset and provides an advanced model to report, manage and interact with them based on the results obtained.

It is able to detect changes in player behaviour over time, and thus potential gambling-related problems. And it can also adapt to changes in the regulations of each market, adapting the offer of each operator as needed at any given time.

The announcement of the commercialization of the Crucial Compilance system coincides within a few days with the UK Gambling Commission’s new package of measures for the design of online games, at a time when the online gaming sector is becoming increasingly aware of the use of measures for the implementation of safe gaming.

“The global gaming industry is moving towards a sustainable way of doing business. Player protection has become an essential part of any business model in the sector. As regulatory authorities tend to introduce changes in their expectations, it is important for operators to get a simple solution to track their players’ behaviour and interact accordingly. That’s exactly what our software enables,” Paul Foster. CEO of Crucial Compilance.